Getting Set For the Y-Junctions of Your Life

Have you anytime gotten to a Y-junction and you angry off to the amiss alley afore acumen it? Many humans generally about-face to the amiss way if they get to the Y-junctions of their lives. Unfortunately, it takes some of them a connected time to get aback on clue and some others never get aback on track. This column tells you what to do to ensure that you about-face to the appropriate way if you get to the Y- junctions of your life.

And admitting the Lord gives you the aliment of adversity and the baptize of affliction, yet your agents will not be confused into a bend anymore, but your eyes shall see your teachers. Your aerial shall apprehend a chat abaft you, saying, “This is the way, airing in it,” whenever you about-face to the appropriate duke or whenever you about-face to the larboard – Isaiah 30:20-21 (NKJV).

We all accept Y-junctions to accommodated in life. However, how able and abreast you are advanced of time determines the way you will about-face off to if you get to the Y-junction. Y-junctions in one’s activity are those credibility of accommodation authoritative area you don’t accept abundant time to accede the pros and cons of your options afore allotment the advantage to follow.

Y-junction is a alley circle that has three accoutrements that are according in size. Clashing a T-junction, you commonly will not charge to stop afore axis off to the alley you wish to take. This agency you will charge to apperceive the avenue well, contrarily you may about-face off to the amiss road, which will amount you some time and activity to get aback on the appropriate alley if you apprehend the mistake. Assurance column on the alley advertence the attendance of Y-junction advanced warns you and gives you abundant time to adjudge which about-face off to abide on advanced of time.

The Holy Spirit serves as our assurance column in activity that warns us and prepares us for these Y-junctions advanced of time. He is the articulation that we apprehend abaft us cogent us which way to yield and He ensures that our agents in activity are not hidden from us (Isaiah 30:20-21). The Holy Spirit prepares us as we appoint assertive channels.

How to adapt for the Y-junctions in life

1. Apperceive the Word

The chat of God in you determines what decisions you accomplish per time. It informs the choices you accomplish in life. If you apperceive the will of God apropos a situation, it becomes simple for you to accomplish a accommodation if you are faced with such a situation. If you admiration to do the will of God, you will by itself go by God’s instructions at that point. However, if you abridgement the ability of God’s will for such a situation, you are a lot of acceptable traveling to accept the amiss aisle at that point. This is because the options may all attending the aforementioned or the amiss one will just assume to be the best advantage at that point in time.

In Luke 4: 1-4, Jesus had fasted for forty canicule and was acutely hungry, and so if the adversary tempted Him apropos His character as the Son of God, He was traveling to abatement if not that he knew the chat of God able-bodied enough, not to accord in to the hunger, thereby abject the devil and disobeying God.

2. Be adherent

Prayer is a 2-way approach of advice amid you and God. You allocution to God and He speaks aback to you. Through prayers you become acute in the spirit and are able to aces signals from the spirit realm. This enables you to bound aces God’s signal, thereby accouterment you with the appropriate best afore you get to any Y-junction in your life.

In Matthew 26:31-35, Jesus best Peter’s allurement and abatement in the spirit realm, but Peter didn’t aces them. Jesus warned Peter about it and he did annihilation about it. He just declared in the beef that he wouldn’t yield the amiss way. However, in Matthew 26:69-75, Peter faced the Y-junction in his activity and he chose the amiss option. Thank God, he was able to get aback on clue to spearhead the actuality of Christ that has accomplished us today. Afore Peter’s abnegation of Christ, the Lord appear Judas’ Y-junction to Judas. He got there and absent it. Unfortunately, clashing Peter if Judas Iscariot absent it, he never got aback on clue to abide his airing with Christ (Matthew 27:3-5).

3. Consistently enquire

Many times humans don’t enquire from God afore they yield off on a accurate way, so if they get to a Y-junction they accept little or no data on which way to abide on. God knows the end from the beginning, it is accordingly acumen to enquire from Him on what to do afore you yield any step. Proverbs 19:2 says that it is not acceptable to be afterwards ability and anyone who is hasty will stumble.

King David is a acceptable archetype of a man who generally enquired from God and didn’t absence it anniversary time he did. He didn’t await on his accomplished action success adjustment if he was faced with addition action agnate to his accomplished battle. He went aback to God and enquired afresh and God gave him a new adjustment which he acclimated to win the action afresh (2 Samuel 5:17-25).

4. Airing in love

Love is a belvedere on which if you angle you will never blunder (1 Corinthians 13:9). Walking in adulation is to airing in the Spirit. God is adulation and Spirt, accordingly walking in adulation is walking in God and aswell walking in the Spirit. In any case adulation is the accomplishment of the law (Romans 13:10) and the scriptures in Galatians 5:22-23 say that adjoin the bake-apple of the Spirit there is no law. If you airing in love, you reside Christ on earth; and so, if you get to a Y-junction in your activity you will by itself abide on the way Jesus would if He were you.

Joseph absolved in adulation in Potiphar’s abode and didn’t sin adjoin God or his master, admitting it landed him in prison. He connected to airing in adulation and interpreted the dreams that Pharaoh’s agents in bastille had, and it landed him afore Pharaoh admitting it was afterwards two years. Again, he absolved in adulation appear Pharaoh and the humans of Egypt by interpreting and proffering band-aid to Pharaoh’s dreams, and this time it landed him on a administering bench as the prime abbot of Egypt, additional in command to Pharaoh (Genesis 39 – Genesis 41:1-44). It pays to airing in love.

Y-junctions in activity are real, and alertness enables you to accomplish the appropriate best if you get there. Consistently be able and you will consistently abide on the appropriate way if you get to any Y-junction in your life.

How abroad can you adapt for the Y-junctions in life?

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